Taking Advantage of Long Weekend to go to the Movies

I love 3-day weekends. The extra day seems to add so much more time than just 24 hours! Of course, I still never seem to get everything on my to-do and wish lists done, but the time is nice none the less. Hopefully some of you are fortunate enough to have President’s Day off, as I do, and are taking full advantage of it! I know I am. . . .


Part of my long weekend was going to dinner and a movie with one of my friends from ballet class. And it probably isn’t much of a surprise that we went to see the new documentary {when did I get hooked on documentaries!?!} about Justin Peck and his original ballet for the New York City Ballet.  The movie, Ballet 422, is an in depth look at the process of creating a ballet, and all of the different decisions that must be made to bring something like this to the stage. The director, Jody Lee Lipes takes us behind the curtain as the 25-year old choreographer and corps de ballet dancer, Peck, works with the orchestra, lighting and costume designers, and of course the dancers, to create the NYCB’s 422nd ballet; Paz de la Jolla. It was such an eye-opener to really think about everything that goes into the staging.



Having just stepped into a ballet studio for this first time a year ago, I’m still relatively new to the world of ballet so this was educational on so many levels, but I was glued to the screen as we saw the ballet come to life. From his first steps in front of an iPhone to opening night, we see what it takes. And this isn’t even his first ballet for NYCB!!! Definitely two thumbs up.


The movie premiered in April at the Tribeca Film Festival, has been making the festival circuit since then, and finally opened in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco this past Friday. There are more cities to come over the next couple of months and I highly recommend that if you are a fan of the ballet, you go out and see it. And even if you aren’t a dance devotee, the dancing doesn’t dominate the film, and it is worth the watch to see someone so young, who is so good at at what he does.



Jody Lee Lipes – Director

One little note – after all of the build up, we don’t actually get to see the ballet in its entirety! I understand why, and it didn’t ruin the film, but it would have been cool to see it in its finished form.

Do you have a three day weekend? What are you up to? Any interest in Ballet 422?


*images via Magnolia Pictures


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