You Wouldn’t Walk Around Naked, Why Should Your Phone?

Phone cases are a pretty particular thing — so much is said by what you put on your phone. Will it protect the phone if you drop it? Does it support your local team? Is it a representation of something you love? There are so many to choose from! {In full disclosure, I had 3 cases for my last phone. I didn’t switch them out as often as purses, but I did have a bit of a rotation. So you don’t have to pick just one.}

My account was eligible for an upgrade last week, and with the new plans and phone programs, it made sense to make the switch from an iPhone 5. And while the tech side of me loves playing with all of the new {to me} features, my style-loving side is chomping at the bit to find the right case.

As I started the search, I was actually surprised to find that there aren’t a really wide array of iPhone 6 and 6+ cases in the market yet. Companies who specialize in tech gear have made some available, but brands that offer numerous iPhone 5/5S cases, for the most part, haven’t yet released a lot of cases for the new sizes.

I’ll be keeping my eyes out for more as the months go on, but I was able to find a few options to consider right now.

Dabney Lee: This is one of the most customizable cases I found, letting you pick from 35 colors for the design. I’m torn on the idea of incorporating a name or monogram, but am leaning toward not letting it bother me. How many people really see my phone who don’t at least know my name? {What are your thoughts on this one readers?} Dabney Lee also has a TON of other customizable products that are perfect for gifts or entertaining.

Henri Bendel: This just embodies how I would like to always feel – carefree and happy, riding a bike {I like to think in Paris} on a nice sunny day. Work . . . Schmurk. I have a number of Henri Bendel products in my home, from candles to handbags, and love everything so far. I’m sure I would be happy with this case beyond the design as well.

Minnie & Emma: I’ve written about these phone cases before and this was the first place I looked when I was starting my search. They have collaborations with two of my favorite bloggers {Carly of The College Prepster and Grace of Stripes and Sequins} and also have a fun correspondence line with Vueve Clicquot. I knew that I would find a few really good options on this site. {Before Christmas I had my eye on a case with snowflakes, but don’t see it on the site any more 😦 }

Rifle Paper Co.: I usually look to this brand for calendars and stationary, but wasn’t too surprised that they have phone cases that I liked as well. They have a lot of 5/5S cases that I hope will eventually be made into iPhone 6 versions but I love the background color in this one.

Speck: This is by far the most durable of the group and I know that Speck has been making quality tech cases for a while – since 2001. Admittedly, it isn’t the most unique or exciting option but with my tendency to be a bit of a klutz, it might be the smart to have this one on standby.

Vineyard Vines: This is the only iPhone 6 case they have right now, but I tweeted the company and they responded to say that they may have more in the next couple of months. Can’t wait to see them! I like this one though because it is fairly subtle but still incorporates the iconic whale. And of course, constantly reminds me that #EDSFTG.

What do you think? What type of phone case do you have? Do you put a lot of thought into choosing one?



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